Whatever happened to that kissing booth?

I know it is late notice, but I am wondering if you might be able to help me. I would like to invite all students, faculty, and staff to stop by my Fall Fest booth on Saturday. I will be autographing photos of me, and will also be offering kisses (for a donation) later in the day. Please stop by my booth for more information, or ask simply Dave Linscheid … Continue reading

The real brains

I have managed to figure out my husband’s email contraption and I am thrilled to finally write a letter to you. It seems that in past years, my husband has gotten quite a bit of attention throughout Bethel’s history. What most everyone doesn’t realize is that I am usually the brains behind Herman’s operations. Who am I, you ask? Continue reading

Happy Easter!

Easter is here! I, for one, am extremely excited about Easter this year. I have, however, noticed a surprisingly low amount of enthusiasm from the Bethel College student body. I think, perhaps, their day to day studies have dulled the passion and excitement that should accompany the coming of Easter. Wilcia (who is feeling much better now, thank you) and I decided to rectify this situation. What better way to revive the excitement of Easter than a good ol’ fashion Easter egg hunt? Continue reading